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Retail waste management

The management of waste has become a critical concern for retail businesses. As a result, RTS Waste has emerged as a leading provider of retail waste management services in London and Kent. We offer a simple solution of bins or bags that cater to a variety of retail businesses, as well as a comprehensive Integrated waste management solution for larger retailers.

Supporting your company’s environmental policies is crucial. Therefore, we make it our top priority to recycle the highest percentage of waste possible, thereby closing the circular economy loop. Recycling also enhances consumer perception, leading to increased sales and better purchasing decisions. You can focus on your business while RTS Waste provides a reliable waste management and collection service.


Legislation requires all of us to exercise our ‘duty of care’ to protect the environment. Therefore, you can rely on us as a licensed retail waste management company to handle your waste disposal.

Click here for a detailed list of our accreditations and compliances.

The Types of Retailers We Work With

We work with all types of retail businesses, and below are examples of the types of businesses we provide retail waste disposal and collection services to across London and Kent:

  • Single shop
  • Shopping Centre/Mall
  • Street Markets
  • Arcades
  • Department Store
  • Supermarket
  • Hairdressers
  • Take Away
  • Cafe/Tea Room
  • Charity Shop

Adaptable Waste Removal

At RTS Waste, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and thus produce vastly different types of waste. We can adapt to your business needs. Our approach is hands-on and integrated, allowing us to reduce your waste, identify your recycling opportunities, and maximise your resources throughout your operations.

And if you’re unsure of what kinds of retail waste management services you’ll need, we will perform a free waste audit, which recommends waste solutions for your retail business.

Are you a retailer needing fast, reliable and waste removal? Call us on 020 7232 1711 or email us at