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At RTS, we know how important it is to you that your business is able to limit its waste and dispose of whatever waste it does have in an ethical and sustainable manner. Your customers have come to expect that from you, and it is one of the bedrocks of your corporate responsibility policy.

As an integrated waste specialist, we’re able to provide a waste management solution for your business that’s all encompassing and considers not only how we can sustainably dispose of your waste, but how we can limit the amount of excess waste your business produces in the first place.

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What is Integrated Waste Management?

Integrated Waste Management is an approach to sustainable waste disposal that takes into account every facet of the waste creation and destruction process – including the prevention of waste, the storage of waste and the sustainable elimination of waste, whether this is through recycling or composting.

Our zero-to-landfill approach is the very definition of integrated waste management because we think holistically not just about how your waste is collected but how your waste is disposed or could be prevented to ensure we achieve our ambitious but provenly attainable goal.

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Catering our Integrated Waste Management systems to your business

At RTS, we fully appreciate that no two businesses are ever quite the same, so we keep our approach to managing your business waste as flexible as possible.

When we develop an Integrated Waste Management strategy for you, we do it from your site working with you rather than from behind our desks, at the end of an email.

We want to make sure we’re familiar with every element of your business’ operations before doing so much as picking up a pen.

An Integrated Waste Management specialist with experience working across a diverse array of industries

We are proud to say that, since 2006, we have had the chance to partner up with clients across a wide range of industries – including construction, retail, facility management, and professional services – and we believe that the secret to our versatility has not only been our hands on approach with each of our clients, but our uncompromising approach to ensuring that we always manage and dispose of any waste entrusted to us in a way that’s not legally compliant and environmentally friendly but cost effectively too.

Why is RTS the right Integrated Waste Management solution for your business?

Here are just some of the great reasons you should work with RTS:

1.) RTS is PAS 402 accredited

This means you can feel assured about the standard of recycling reporting we provide. Our attention-to-detail is second to none.

2) RTS provides you with a single waste solution

Because we manage every step of the waste disposal process – from collection all the way through to recycling – we are able to provide you with real time tracking, allowing you full visibility of how your waste is managed.

3) RTS has worked with both commercial and residential partners

We have worked with almost every type of client across a broad range of industries, but we’re not complacent – we’ve just got quicker at adapting our waste management solutions to suit a business’s needs and aren’t afraid of a challenge.

4) RTS is always reachable

At RTS, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can literally contact us at any time, and we will respond and act quickly.

Our team is fully committed to finding your business the best solution for its waste disposal needs. To find out more about the integrated waste management services we offer, please feel free to speak to a member of our team today.