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At RTS, we offer a reliable, eco-friendly household waste removals service you can trust. With a schedule you can entirely customise based on what days works best for you, our householdwaste collection service is a convenient way to get rid of some of your bulkier items which may be difficult to dispose of or harder to recycle.

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How do our household waste recycling centres work?

We appreciate that recycling household waste isn’t always easy. When it comes to things like home renovation projects, the waste accrued may go beyond the services offered by your local council. However, most of these materials can still be recycled, they just require specialist tools. That’s where RTS comes in.

When your waste is picked up, it’s taken to one of our material recovery facilities (MRFs) – our household waste recycling centre – where it’s then separated and deconstructed into its separate waste streams. This waste is then sent to various recyclers who either reuse or recycle these items. Any waste left from this process is then sent for thermal treatment, ensuring that 100% of your household waste is diverted from landfill.

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If you are carrying out some DIY work, or perhaps you just have a number of things you to get rid of in your home that you don’t think your council can recycle, let us help you make your life that much easier by submitting an enquiry or giving us a call today.

A member of our specialist team will be on hand to ask you just a few questions about what sort of waste you’re looking to get rid of, what days are best for us to pick up your waste and provide you with a quote for the collection. Please note, however, that we are unable to process certain hazardous materials, such as asbestos, so please do not include them in the waste to be collected.

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