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If you’re looking for a quick and flexible way to dispose of bulky waste and large volumes of refuse, then grab lorry waste removal is the solution.

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What is a grab hire

Grab hire is a waste management service that uses grab lorries, also known as grab wagons, to dispose of waste. These lorries work by using an extendable arm to grab waste from hard-to-reach areas.

What waste is right for a grab hire

Grab lorries are really the only viable solution for the efficient, safe and hygienic removal of a variety of waste matter from sites. But not all waste is equal in weight, form and consistency. The grab lorry, although extremely versatile onsite, is most suitable for use in disposing the following types of waste:

Hard-core, brick, stone, and cement blocks

  • Muck away – removal of waste materials such as soil from building sites and construction and demolition projects
  • Wood and timber waste, including wood recycling services
  • Green waste, including soil removal
  • General dry waste and dry mixed recycling (DMR)
  • Cardboard waste disposal
  • Bales of plastic, cardboard, paper, and aluminum cans

How much weight can a grab lorry take?

Our grab lorries can take up to 15 tonnes of waste at a time. They have a larger capacity than most skips, including roll on roll off skips.

Utilising its practical feature of an articulate ‘grabbing’ arm, the lorry can reach distances of around 8 metres to easily snatch up rubbish, rubble, muck away soil, and more, for convenient, immediate loading.


The benefits of grab lorry waste removal

Opting for grab lorry waste removal presents with an array of practical benefits:

Prompt and flexible service

Swiftly remove stockpiled rubbish, bulky waste, fly tipping clearance, and other waste, in one grab-and-load mechanism that effectively halves waste removal tasks.

Easy removal of hard-to-reach waste

Remove waste that is difficult to access, including roadside fly tipping and curb-side collections. The extending arm of the grab truck makes it ideal for picking up waste from a distance.

Suitable for all waste sizes

The standard grab lorry is capable of carrying up to 15 tonnes of waste, making it perfect for all kinds of waste sizes.

Ideal for muck away and construction projects

Grab lorries are perfect for construction projects that require soil removal and collection of bulky waste.

Why should you choose RTS for grab lorry waste removal?

RTS will give you all of the above in world-class grab lorry waste removal, with an added nuance of the family business attitude, and the knowledge that comes with 30 years in the business.

We specialise in grab hire services in London, Kent, and Somerset. We’re a legal waste carrier with a full waste carrier license, our own material recovery facility to maximise recycling, and a customer satisfaction rating of 95%.

What’s more, every job we do comes with a duty of care document for the waste we collect. We consider waste as a valuable resource, so we provide a sustainable solution to recycle materials, and always ensure we adhere to government guidelines on waste disposal.

We provide fast and reliable grab hire services for residential, commercial, construction, and industrial waste, with our Swanscombe address allowing us to provide local waste collection services across Kent and London.